Unarmed Combat

black artsThere are times and circumstances that sometimes means you may have to fight for your own survival or that of someone you care about. It is a sad fact for the times that we are living in. However, it isn’t always possible to carry along weapons to protect yourself from dangerous situations. If you have to take part in unarmed combat, do you know what to do? If not, it may be time for you to consider using the Black Arts System of self-defense.

What Is the Black Arts System?

Dim MakThis is a system that is used by many who want to be able to protect themselves or their family from harm. It is a system that allows even a small person to overcome their attacker. This is because it uses pressure points, utilizes dim-mak points, join locking, and much more. With this system, there are no fixed stances or techniques that you must use. You simply focus on your own abilities and use the strengths that you have, even if you are not a strong person so that you can disarm an opponent, grapple with them, and focus on hand-to-hand combat.

Is It Effective?

karateThe elite military, police, and civilians, anti-terrorist groups, and more are all using the same combat lessons that are taught by the Black Arts System. They are using it as a way to enhance their abilities and use it for self defense on the streets. Some of them already have a basic knowledge of martial arts, but not all of them. If they have a knowledge of martial arts, they are able to use their new skills to enhance their Tae Kwon Do, karate, kungfu, and Jiu Jitsu fighting styles. It is techniques that enhance all other types of martial arts as well and many say that it is the most effective fight system available.

Is It Right for You?

There are people from all walks of life learning to take their self-defense abilities to the next level. There are people who have never practiced martial arts and people who hold a black belt in them. There are people who work for elite government agencies and women who want to protect their children in the event of trouble. It is a program that can work for everyone regardless of skills or fitness levels. All you have to do is decide that you are ready to get started and then you can study it alone or as a part of your other skill sets. Either way, at the end of your training, even if you only do it for a little while, you can take down any opponent that threatens you. There are even pressure points that can take down the largest enemies by subduing them or shortening their lifespan. Are you ready to see what you will be able to achieve and accomplish with very little actual combat training and no weapons? If so, you can now do so by studying a little of the Black Arts System of combat.


Cooling the Dojo for Competition

japanese dojoFor centuries a Dojo has been a place where formal training and meditation could take place. They were often seen near temples and typically were a place where Japanese arts could be mastered. Dojos are used during competitions and for training purposes. The problem with these large buildings with a lot of open space is that many people can be inside at one time. All the people means that body heat can become unbearable. As part of our new technology and a desire to stay comfortable, it also means that cooling the Dojo for competition has become a priority.

The History of a Dojo in Martial Arts

dojoDojo means “place of the Way” which also can be interpreted as path, road, or route. These buildings are large open spaces that are very well cared for by whoever owns them. These beautiful and ornate buildings often have one “front” area but multiple entrances. You may recognize them as being in true Japanese form with the swooping roofline. The entrance you use depends on your rank and whether you are a guest, a student or an instructor. These buildings are still in use today, but they aren’t just used for martial arts, though that is still their primary purpose.

The Purpose of Dojos

training at dojoMartial arts have always been taught to a group of people at one time. There are competitions devoted to proving who has mastered their skills to the fullest. These competitions often have many people showing their skill, and family members there to watch them. This means there may be a lot of body heat, especially during the summer months. A very common, new, practice is to have portable air conditioners set up prior to an event. This cools the Dojo down enough that people are not uncomfortable during the event, especially the fighters. If the heat outside is very extreme, you need to view Whynter portable air conditioner reviews to give you guidance on choosing one that may be quiet enough to sit in a corner while the competition is taking place.

Let the Battle Begin

A Dojo is still one of the best places for a competition to be hosted. They are also great places to meditate and relax, which is why other industries are starting to use them as well. They are the perfect place for competitions because spectators can watch from virtually every corner of the room. Martial arts are all about self-control, strength, and ability. We feel it is important to be able to see it and learn it in a true Japanese or Chinese setting. The key to making it enjoyable goes beyond the training in today’s world of simple comforts. Do you wish that your Dojo had more comfortable features so that those who are skilled in the arts could be more ready for battling and showing their skills?

martial arts belt ceremony

Preparing for Belt Ceremony

belt award ceremonyAnytime we want to do well in something, we have to put in all of our efforts. This is why getting a new belt color in martial arts is such a big deal. It is something that usually requires a ceremony with friends and family there to watch it. The people who start earning some of the highest colored belts are usually there with the most family since everyone knows it takes so much effort to reach where they are. Therefore, when someone is preparing for a belt ceremony, there are a lot of things to do.

Belt Meanings and Significance

martial arts belt ceremonyWhen you hear of someone who talks about their belt, you should know what they mean. It is an indication of how devoted they are to the sport. A white belt symbolizes that they are new to it and a yellow belt means that they have learned the basic skills. As a person grows and is able to master 10 different self-defense moves, they will be given the orange belt. Green is reserved for those that continue to grow and refine their skills. Blue is a continued growth and purple signifies that they can transition to more advanced moves. If they continue to mature, the person will then receive a brown belt with a red one to follow that proves they truly know what they are doing. A black belt understands the physical and mental teachings of their chosen skill. They are advanced enough to start teaching others about martial arts and can defend themselves regardless of what situation they may face. If someone is devoted to it and take classes two times a week; they can typically earn a black belt in around five years. However, it can take less time if you are extremely diligent or longer if you struggle with certain challenges.

Preparing for the Belt Ceremony

belt ceremonyAt a belt ceremony, you will have to prove that you are able to handle the responsibility of your new skills. In some cases, this may mean that you will break a board or do some other task to show that you are ready. You will do this in front of your trainer. Your new belt will be given, and you are expected to stay through all others attempting to earn their belt as a sign of respect. Your family can be there watching you as you accept your reward for trying and though you will be wearing your uniform, there are things you can do to set yourself apart from the rest and give yourself a confidence boost before you take center stage. If you are a man, you may have nice clothes under your robe so that afterward, you can celebrate. Women can do the same, but they can also wear makeup and may even have eyebrow blading done before the ceremony. This will be appreciated by your trainer as well.

Prove Your Ability

Whether you are a white belt or a black belt, it is significant. A white belt who is just starting to learn has proven that they want more for themselves. A black belt owner has proven they are dedicated to martial arts, their body, and their mind. In all cases, you should be proud of yourself and be ready to embrace what you know about martial arts.

legal self defense training

Legal Concealed Self Defense Weapons

stun guns or tazersWith all the concerns that we have over personal safety for our family and ourselves, a lot of people are turning to concealed weapons. These things are something you can carry with you and use in the event of an emergency, when you have to if you feel you or your loved ones are in danger. However, before you carry something to ensure your safety, you need to find out what it takes to be considered legal concealed self defense weapons.

Non-Lethal Options

self defense knifeThere are several non-lethal concealed weapons options for you to consider if you want to make absolutely certain you do not get in trouble for not having a permit. These options include pepper sprays and self-defense alarms. Pepper spray will surprise the attacker so that you can run, and alarms make a sound that most attackers will run from. Beyond that, there are also people who carry around tactical pens, stun guns, tasers, and key-chain weapons so that they can stop an attacker before the attacker has a chance to hurt them, but most are not considered lethal. They simply allow you to get yourself to a safer place.

Showing More Force

legal self defense trainingIf you are not convinced that you can gain enough protection from spray or an alarm, you still have options, even if you are not interested in getting a concealed carry permit for your gun. Many people choose to carry around a knife. It is a great tool for doing things, such as opening a toy for your children, but it can also be used as a self defense weapon that you do not need a permit to carry. A lot of them also have multiple tools in one, so that it is useful for a large variety of things. You can always find some unique pocket knife options if you look carefully. You can also learn self-defense. This is a great option for women who want to know that they can protect themselves from danger in a variety of situations. Most self defense moves are not meant to be lethal, but they can cause enough damage to a potential attacker to let you get away or find help.

Most Popular Self Defense Tools

Overall, self defense training, hand guns, and knives are the most popular types of self defense tools available. With guns, you do have to have a permit before you can carry it around as a concealed weapon, but most states do allow the others. If you have any questions regarding your chosen self defense tools, you should check your state to see what is considered a weapon and what is okay to carry. In most cases, knives are a safe bet and they can keep you safe when it comes to fending off an attacker that is close to you, especially if it has a blade length of about three inches. This is enough to slow an attacker, but not enough to cause death in most cases if your primary goal is to get away from the danger.

food pyramid

Proper Martial Arts Training Starts with Diet

food pyramidA lot of people nowadays are concerned about their overall health. It is a good thing, since most of us have a poor diet that leads us to heart issues and being overweight. Most people start out with trying to lose weight, but then venture out to the gym where they may weight train, do aerobics, or martial arts. The thing you have to remember, though, is that training in the gym can only get you so far and proper martial arts training starts with diet as well.

Training in the Gym

weight trainingYour body, especially your heart, requires you to take part in exercise. Without being active, you are setting yourself up for heart issues that are not going to be easily solved. You are also taking a chance on gaining weight, which will make it harder for your heart to function. This is why many people choose to get started at the gym. Most gyms offer a variety of exercise options for you to choose from and as your strength increases, you can take part in other activities to strengthen you further. However, if you show up at the gym after skipping foods or eating a big cheeseburger from a local fast food place, you may not have all the energy that may be required for you to workout properly. Therefore, we say that your diet also has to be a part of your gym routines. Even if you are doing something that does not take a lot of strength, such as martial arts, you will still need a mind that is fully functioning, or you may be off your game.

Why Diet Matters

healthy foodsAnyone who wants to take part in training of any kind needs a healthy, well-balanced diet if they want to be on top of their game. It is the best way to ensure that your body reaches a healthy weight with reduced body fat and enough energy to keep you going throughout the day. This is not always easy, since variety is the key to success when it comes to a good diet. You should eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day, moderate amounts of fish and proteins, and even some starchy foods. The key to success is avoiding processed foods and eating fewer carbohydrates. You may also want to look at the health benefits of goat cheese so that you can lessen the calories that come from having enough dairy in your daily diet. It is also easier to digest and contains more nutrients than cow’s milk.

Hacks to Increase Training Abilities

Any physical trainer can tell you about a proper diet and exercise routine that will help you reach your training goals. Some of the most common include adding more water to your diet, sleeping 6-9 hours a night, eating in moderation, rest when you are sick, and doing what you can to ensure that you cut out on stress. Once you are doing those things, you should also increase your cardio training and keep your goals realistic. Not everyone can be “healthy” if they are a size one. Reach your personal goals and then work to maintain it and you will be instantly healthier than you have ever been.

high kicks

Martial Arts Muscle Rehab in a Pool

high kicksAnytime that you get up off the couch and try to exercise in some way, there is a risk that you will have to endure the pain of using muscles that may not get used often. It is one of the main reasons that people avoid getting active and staying active. Perhaps they try to exercise or start a martial arts program and then they end up with body aches. This can make them be less active because no one wants the pain. Luckily, this does not have to be a concern for you anymore. There are many who believe that martial arts muscle rehab in a pool is something that is excellent to consider since it can virtually eliminate all types of pain.

The Unpleasant Aches

muscle painWhen we exercise our bodies, our muscles do get stretched. This can cause pain that may be instant or just tenderness that we feel the next day. It comes from muscles that are not used to a lot of physical activity being used. It happens because we overextend what they are used to doing. It can be caused from doing squats, lifting weights, or doing kicks during a martial arts training session. When you experience this type of pain, you may regret what you did and want to relax until the pain goes away. Then, when the pain is gone, you may fear having it happen again. This is where the pool comes in. Instead of waiting on the pain to stop or something, you can get into the pool and not feel the pain, which will allow you to still workout, even if the activities you are doing are different.

Advantages of a Pool

exercise in poolA pool makes a person weightless. They can move easier when in the water, especially if they are in pain. This is why pools are becoming a very popular place for people to exercise if they have suffered some type of accident and need physical therapy. If you have a torn tendon or muscle, you can get into the water and experience a low impact workout that still helps you stay in good physical condition. You still get the exercise, you get the cardiac health, and you avoid the risk of potentially furthering your pain. It is why some elderly choose to stay in shape in the pool where they are safe from falls or aching joints.

Just Go for a Swim

Instead of giving up when things get painful, you should consider going swimming to stay in shape when you are not up to doing martial arts or any other type of exercises. It will ensure that you live healthily and get into better shape so that you can pull off the exercises without experiencing any type of pain afterward. You can use a pool at a gym, YMCA, or in your own backyard if you know how to clean a pool full of algae and you can keep it “safe” for exercising year-round. It really does not matter where you go swimming as long as you make yourself stay active when your really not sure that you want to be active.