Best Self Defense Moves

self defenseAdmit it. It seems that not everyone can be good in a fight. Perhaps you do not have the strength that is required or the knowledge of how to throw a proper punch. However, this does not mean that you cannot take control of a bad situation if needed. The truth is, no matter how big or small you are, you can be good at self-defense. To find out about it for yourself, you should keep the best self defense moves in mind and perhaps practice them with a willing partner.

Break a Grab

knee kickDid you know that if someone reaches for you, you can use it to your advantage? Instead of pulling away from their grab, rotate your wrist so that you are about to put your thumb near the base of theirs, where their fingers are touching, and jerk quickly. If you do it while bending your arm, they will lose their grip and you can run away.

Slow Them Down

Many people feel that a face or a groin is ideal spots to aim for. In some situations, it is effective, but it can also be blocked. An attacker can turn to the side and block their groin or look away before you attack their face. If you want to simply get away, you can put the sole of your foot into their knee. They will fall, and you can make your escape. It will take them a while to think about coming after you and by then, you will have reached safety.

Head Butting

headbuttingAll is fair in love and war. If your opponent is coming at you, you should be willing to use your head in a variety of ways. One of which involves you grabbing their shirt collar and then pushing back from them. Jerk forward and you will disengage their shoulders. It opens up their arms just enough that you can use your head to hit them in the face if you are of a comparable size to them.

Make Some Noise

screamMost likely you have heard the term, “battle cry”. In times of self-defense, you may want to think about making as much noise as possible. Shouting loudly will give you a boost of courage and make your attacker think twice since they most likely do not want anyone to know that a crime is taking place. It may make them run away as quickly as they came toward you.