bojukaBojuka is a self-defense technique that uses a combination of boxing, karate, and jujutsu moves to help you come out on top. It is a fighting style that is designed to give everyone, regardless of size or gender, the ability to avoid or end a fight quickly.


By focusing on your surroundings and being very aware of what is going on around you, most people can avoid going into battle. In the event that danger is unavoidable, you will be more aware of it coming and you will be able to react quickly and the way that the situation warrants. Often, this is enough to make the person who is threatening to harm you go away without further confrontation or it ever becoming a physical confrontation.

Physically Defending Yourself

bojuka and kids

If your first efforts do not end the confrontation, you will have a full knowledge of how to defend yourself effectively. Your focus will be to target vital points of the attacker’s body using either your hands or a weapon if one is available to you. If you have a weapon, you can learn  how to use non-lethal force to stop the attacker from further bothering you, but you can also learn how to handle the situation quickly and using lethal force.