legal self defense training

Legal Concealed Self Defense Weapons

stun guns or tazersWith all the concerns that we have over personal safety for our family and ourselves, a lot of people are turning to concealed weapons. These things are something you can carry with you and use in the event of an emergency, when you have to if you feel you or your loved ones are in danger. However, before you carry something to ensure your safety, you need to find out what it takes to be considered legal concealed self defense weapons.

Non-Lethal Options

self defense knifeThere are several non-lethal concealed weapons options for you to consider if you want to make absolutely certain you do not get in trouble for not having a permit. These options include pepper sprays and self-defense alarms. Pepper spray will surprise the attacker so that you can run, and alarms make a sound that most attackers will run from. Beyond that, there are also people who carry around tactical pens, stun guns, tasers, and key-chain weapons so that they can stop an attacker before the attacker has a chance to hurt them, but most are not considered lethal. They simply allow you to get yourself to a safer place.

Showing More Force

legal self defense trainingIf you are not convinced that you can gain enough protection from spray or an alarm, you still have options, even if you are not interested in getting a concealed carry permit for your gun. Many people choose to carry around a knife. It is a great tool for doing things, such as opening a toy for your children, but it can also be used as a self defense weapon that you do not need a permit to carry. A lot of them also have multiple tools in one, so that it is useful for a large variety of things. You can always find some unique pocket knife options if you look carefully. You can also learn self-defense. This is a great option for women who want to know that they can protect themselves from danger in a variety of situations. Most self defense moves are not meant to be lethal, but they can cause enough damage to a potential attacker to let you get away or find help.

Most Popular Self Defense Tools

Overall, self defense training, hand guns, and knives are the most popular types of self defense tools available. With guns, you do have to have a permit before you can carry it around as a concealed weapon, but most states do allow the others. If you have any questions regarding your chosen self defense tools, you should check your state to see what is considered a weapon and what is okay to carry. In most cases, knives are a safe bet and they can keep you safe when it comes to fending off an attacker that is close to you, especially if it has a blade length of about three inches. This is enough to slow an attacker, but not enough to cause death in most cases if your primary goal is to get away from the danger.