Military Combat Training

military combat training Since Black Arts Training relies on both medical and scientific research, it is a fighting method that is currently in use by a lot of military personnel. However, many of the techniques that are taught in military or police combat training exercises may not be suitable for civilians in a self-defense setting.

The Techniques You Can Learn

knee to groinMost all the military combat training moves that are focused on hand to hand combat are based on pressure points that are located on every person. Some of these pressure points are obvious, such as poking eyes, punching nose, and kneeing the groin area, but many others are not obvious points that we aim for. By using these techniques, you can take down a full-grown man that is taller and heftier than you, even if you are a woman going up against a very large man. You can do it best by hitting the throat, knees, ankles, and feet as well.

Escaping Attackers

self defense movesSome of the moves that are used in fighting are designed to help you defend yourself. Others are designed to help you get out of a situation where you are being held against your will. These moves are perfect for women and men in both the military and as civilians because you do not inflict potential pain, you simply know how to get out of a hold.

Lethal Combat

In life or death situations where your opponent has the upper hand, lethal force may be your only escape. It is not recommended for civilians because of legal issues that may follow if you cannot prove that you acted in self-defense. However, some of the maneuvers can be very effective in a situation where you are in immediate jeopardy of losing your own life or the life of your family.