silatSilat is a hand-to-hand combat style is focused on strikes, joint manipulations, and other things. It uses fixed hand positions, low stances, and a combination of a lot of other things. The people doing it use slow dance-like movements so that their actions are precise and focused.

The Story Behind Silat

silat attacksThis fighting style is very popular in Asian countries. Every area seems to have their own unique story about its existence. One tale about how it became a way of fighting is that a woman, Rama Sukana, used the fighting style of a tiger when being attacked by a group of men to warn them off. It is a fighting style that is taught from past generations teaching their children how to do it effectively.

The Use of Weapons

Weapons are optional when it comes to Silat. They enhance the effectiveness of the techniques taught in it, but Silat can be effective in unarmed combat as well. The weapon of choice for many is the dagger or the Kris.