Pressure Point Control Tactics

elbow pressure pointThe human body is made up of a variety of different pressure points. Some of them cause pleasure or relieve pain and others can be devastating to the person who has had it hit. You can use these pressure points when fighting hand-to-hand and either make your opponent second guess attacking you or possibly knock them out so that you can get away. Do you know the effective Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT)?

Arm/Elbow Grab

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Approximately four fingers above the inner elbow is a spot that if you press it, your opponent will feel a lot of pain. You can increase the pain by punching in that area or even rubbing it. It is effective if your opponent has grabbed you and is trying to pull you somewhere that you do not want to go. However, the sensation may not last long and it could make them pull back and prepare for another attack. You must be ready in advance by knowing other things to do to keep yourself safe.

Knee Attacks

If your opponent is standing above you, you can easily reach up above their knee and squeeze. The pain they feel will be extreme and it will only take a little pressure from your hands. If you are standing and need to follow up the elbow move, you can kick the inside of their knee. Ideally, you will wait until they are in mid-step and kick the knee out to the side. Your opponent will be in pain and possibly fall to the ground because of their twisted knee.

Ankle Take Down

blocking an attackAgain, if you are laying down, you can attack the ankle of your opponent. About four fingers above the ankle, there is a pressure point that causes pain when squeezed, but it is also effective if you are able to kick it. Kicking this spot could also make them fall to the ground so that you can escape.

Protect Yourself with Blocks

In the event that you are attacked by someone who is going to stab you, there are a few things you can do, but mostly you want to block their attempts without giving them a chance to harm you. If you are both standing this can be done by you using the backside of your wrist to hit their knife hand and move it to the side. After that, you can punch them in the face or knee them in the groin before they have a chance to come at you again. This same technique can be used even if they do not have a knife in their hand. You simply have to work to protect yourself by using blocks and pressure points. From there, you can get away and find safety.