Unarmed Combat

black artsThere are times and circumstances that sometimes means you may have to fight for your own survival or that of someone you care about. It is a sad fact for the times that we are living in. However, it isn’t always possible to carry along weapons to protect yourself from dangerous situations. If you have to take part in unarmed combat, do you know what to do? If not, it may be time for you to consider using the Black Arts System of self-defense.

What Is the Black Arts System?

Dim MakThis is a system that is used by many who want to be able to protect themselves or their family from harm. It is a system that allows even a small person to overcome their attacker. This is because it uses pressure points, utilizes dim-mak points, join locking, and much more. With this system, there are no fixed stances or techniques that you must use. You simply focus on your own abilities and use the strengths that you have, even if you are not a strong person so that you can disarm an opponent, grapple with them, and focus on hand-to-hand combat.

Is It Effective?

karateThe elite military, police, and civilians, anti-terrorist groups, and more are all using the same combat lessons that are taught by the Black Arts System. They are using it as a way to enhance their abilities and use it for self defense on the streets. Some of them already have a basic knowledge of martial arts, but not all of them. If they have a knowledge of martial arts, they are able to use their new skills to enhance their Tae Kwon Do, karate, kungfu, and Jiu Jitsu fighting styles. It is techniques that enhance all other types of martial arts as well and many say that it is the most effective fight system available.

Is It Right for You?

There are people from all walks of life learning to take their self-defense abilities to the next level. There are people who have never practiced martial arts and people who hold a black belt in them. There are people who work for elite government agencies and women who want to protect their children in the event of trouble. It is a program that can work for everyone regardless of skills or fitness levels. All you have to do is decide that you are ready to get started and then you can study it alone or as a part of your other skill sets. Either way, at the end of your training, even if you only do it for a little while, you can take down any opponent that threatens you. There are even pressure points that can take down the largest enemies by subduing them or shortening their lifespan. Are you ready to see what you will be able to achieve and accomplish with very little actual combat training and no weapons? If so, you can now do so by studying a little of the Black Arts System of combat.